Kennetik Kommunications is a leadership and communication skills training provider based in Maryland, US. Their core purpose is to train corporate leaders to communicate with confidence, clarity, and credibility.

I was tasked by the client to design a logo and Facebook banner. They didn't have anything specific in mind for the logo, only that the logomark should be able to stand on its own and convey the nature of their business even without text.

I felt that the name is quite unique, with K instead of the usual C for Communication, and decided to draw upon that aspect for the logomark. At the same time, I wanted to incorporate the idea of communication in the design.

Out of the two concepts presented to the client, they really liked the clever use of a chat bubble in negative space. After much discussion, we decided to have the K in serif and the text in sans serif to create contrast. It also makes the logomark more visually complex and easily identifiable as a standalone.

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